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UEFA Champions League

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UEFA champions league predictions

The most prestigious European football championship is the UEFA Champions League. It matches the winners of national football tournaments: Premier League, Bundesliga, League 1, Serie A, and others. The battle for the title of European champion and €19,000,000 gathers millions of fans of quality football from the screens and stadiums. 

In the season 2019 / 2020 and Ugandan fans have joined the fans. Most gamblers are already betting on the winner and making predictions about the top four and outsiders.

Champions League Features

The first name of the league – European Champions League – existed from 1955 to 1991. Then the format of the league was slightly changed, and it received its present name. 

The matches of the league are held in several rounds:

  1. Qualification – all declared teams play 2 games against an opponent, set by a draw. The winners enter the group stage;
  2. Group stage – 8 groups of 4 clubs are played by teams from qualification and winners of national championships;
  • playoffs (⅛ finals) – games between teams that took the first two places in the group stage;
  • ¼ finals;
  • semi-finals;
  • finals.

The Definitive European Champion goes to the UEFA Super Cup and the World Cup.

In the season 2019 / 2020 in the matches of the league took part:

  • United Kingdom – Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, Manchester City;
  • Spain – Real Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid;
  • Italy – Napoli, Atalanta, Inter Milan, Juventus;
  • Germany – RB Leipzig, Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund;
  • France – Paris Saint-Germain, LOSC Lille, Lyon;
  • Russia – Lokomotiv Moscow, Zenit ;
  • Portugal – Benfica;
  • Ukraine – Shakhtar Donetsk;
  • Belgium – Genk;
  • Austria – Salzburg;
  • Turkey – Galatasaray.

The finalists of ⅛ were Tottenham Hotspur, RB Leipzig, Liverpool, Atletico Madrid, Atalanta, Valencia, Borussia Dortmund, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Lyon, Juventus, Barcelona, Napoli, Chelsea, Bayern Munich.

The most titled team in the Champions League is Real Madrid. The Spanish have won 13 times, and in 2018 they were awarded the right to keep the League trophy forever. Ajax, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Barcelona, and Liverpool also own the trophies.

The most fierce rivalries in the League are Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Liverpool. 

Barcelona, known for playing top football players: Ronaldo, Messi, Benzema, Lewandowski, and others.

Today each club is trying to show a successful game, and fans are trying to predict how high their chances are.

How to predict UEFA champions league matches

Predicting the results of a tournament or individual Champions League matches is a responsible task that involves many components. To make a prediction come true, you need to take into account the statistics of the current and previous seasons, the physical and moral condition of players, tactics of the game, the peculiarities of the match. The forecast always uses information about both teams. Experts compare the facts they know, take into account potential surprises during the match, interpret them, and make a forecast.

The forecast can be used for fun or in betting. It will allow you to determine the market for bets and conclude a winning deal.

Such factors form the prediction:

  • general features of the games in the season. League trends show unexpected breakouts and losses. For example, the victory of Liverpool in the match against Barcelona or the failure of Inter Milan and Ajax. In 2019 / 2020 experts also predict breakthroughs and do not advise to bet on the winner long before the final. Some strong teams may lose and drop out of the competition quite unexpectedly, as it already happened with Liverpool – the winner of the championship title last season, Tottenham Hotspur, Valencia, and Borussia Dortmund;
  • statistics on goals, fouls, and penalties. Bookmakers offer the most extensive betting markets for Champions League matches. Bettors from Uganda can bet on the exact score, victory of the home team or guests, goal time. Statistics should be used in such bets. 

As the results of previous seasons show, the home team wins more often in League matches – up to 43% of the matches ended in a home win. However, with the players’ strong motivation, the guests win – 33% of matches in the season 2018 / 2019. The draw figures are lower – 24%.

The efficiency of the matches in the league is high. On average, last season, the players scored 2.9 goals per game. 57% of games ended with a score of more than 2.5 goals, 43% – with a score below 2.5 goals per game. On the market “above/below 2.5” you can safely predict a large number of goals scored, especially for teams that are in close positions in the standings table. 

Teams can be influenced by substitutions, suspensions, and red cards. Take a look at the previous matches of the team and see how the players react to stress;

  • team composition, physical and emotional fitness. It takes into account the depth of the line-up, who is on the bench, whether the team has top players or injuries, how the team interacts in the game, what tactics it chooses.

One of the most popular and demanded forecasts is who will be the winner of the league. There is already a surprise of developments. Some professionals thought that Liverpool would get the title again, but the English club has already dropped out of the competition. 

Now the favorite is Real Madrid, but such titans will oppose it as Manchester City, Barcelona, and PSG. The winner of the Bundesliga 2019 / 2020 Bayern Munich will not be left out. The team has already played the match against Tottenham Hotspur with the biggest score in the league – 7:2.

It is important to make a prediction for the leader, taking into account the team’s composition, the strength of its attacks, the motivation of the players, and their physical condition. There is a high probability that the best scorer of the season will appear in the best team. In the season 2019 / 2020, more goals – 11 – were scored by Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich. The situation may change at ⅛ and ¼ when the teams will fight even harder for the title and score more.

Whichever betting market you choose, you should rely on statistics in your forecasts and not on an emotional connection to the team.

On our website, we aim to avoid personal evaluations and to base our forecasts on the results, team features, and every game. We use only verified sources of information and referrals to reliable bookmaker odds.

Where to bet on the UEFA champions league

A quality prediction for Champions League will allow you to win if you choose a responsible bookmaker. First of all, the bookmaker’s reliability will be evidenced by the feedback of bettors and the presence of a license from Uganda or foreign countries.

Check how long the bookmaker has been in the market, how many regular users use his site. Read reviews on winnings, bonus programs, and functionality.

Find out more about the online bookmaker license. It can be issued by the Government of Uganda or Curaçao, Malta, Gibraltar. The license guarantees the safety and compliance of the bookmaker’s services with quality standards and legislation. 

Pay special attention to the functionality and content of the site:

  • the simple interface and easy search by sections;
  • extensive betting lines and a wide range of markets for Champions League betting;
  • types of bets offered by the bookmaker;
  • the mobile phone version of the website or mobile application;
  • money entry and exit conditions;
  • bonus policy and loyalty program.

Important, but not determining the quality of the bookmaker, the criterion is high odds. Use a comparison of coefficients of different bookmakers on our website to choose the most attractive one.

Bettor from Uganda can register on several bookmaker sites and compare their odds himself. It is forbidden to have several accounts on one site, but it is useful to have one account with several top bookmakers. On one website, there may be a more interesting betting market, on another – bonuses, on the third – higher odds.

Combine different bets from different bookmakers. Develop your betting strategy based on forecasts.

How to bet on the UEFA champions league

The betting procedure for most bookmakers is the same. The bettor is registering and verifying, deposits the game account, and selects the event in the category “Champions League.” In the line of bets, by clicking on the outcome odds, the bettor will receive a coupon on the bet, where the amount of the bet. The coupon is registered in the system, and after the match and the calculation of the winnings, the user receives his winnings.

Markets bets that bookmakers offer for Champions League:

  • guest win/home win;
  • total match;
  • above / below 2.5 goals per game (above / below 2, above / below 3);
  • handicap;
  • on which minute the team will score.

There are also penalty kicks, red cards, goals’ authors, passing to another round.

Bookmakers will offer bets on individual matches and the results of the whole tournament. Here you can bet on the winner of the league, the top four, the loser, the best player of the season.

When choosing the outcome, rely on the forecasts and betting strategy. Remember, a high bet on an uncertain result will not bring good luck.

Often the forecasts also recommend the type of betting. Bookmakers offer both pre-singles and in-play bets. 

Use a live bet when the forecasts are mixed. Here you can check how the players behave on the pitch. A curious feature of live betting is the odds that change during the game. If you place a bet on a high bet before it changes, the winnings are higher. 

Bet beforehand, when you are sure of the result. Do not bet long before the game; during the championship, the situation may change, and the team will approach the match in another line-up or leave the tournament at all. 

There are also advantages to the preliminary bet. The deal ratio will be fixed, and its reduction in the future will not reduce the winnings. 

Uganda bettors can accumulate a few odds and further increase their winnings with a bet – accumulator.

UEFA champions league accumulators

The savings rate is popular because it allows you to win more by multiplying the odds at a low cost. 

In accumulators, bettor combines several bets with unrelated results. The winnings are cumulative – the sum of the first bet is multiplied by the odds, then the first win is multiplied by the odds of the second bet, the second win is multiplied by the odds of the third bet, and so on.

Compulsory condition of receiving the winnings – each bet must win. If at least one of the bets is lost, all the winnings and even the bets that have not yet been played are canceled.

You can only risk these bets if you are 100% sure of the events’ outcome. We develop recommendations for the Ugandans on UEFA champions league accumulators and regularly publish selections with the most accurate prediction.

Latest UEFA champions league odds

Today bookmakers and professional experts call the favorites of the Champions League Bayern Munich and Manchester City. The last odds change as the teams’ advance in the championship. At the end of July 2020, the odds per winner are as follows:

  • Manchester City – 3/1
  • Bayern Munich – 10/3
  • PSG – 5/1
  • Barcelona – 8/1
  • Atletico Madrid – 9/1
  • Atalanta – 10/1
  • RB Leipzig – 14/1
  • Juventus – 16/1
  • Real Madrid – 30/1
  • Napoli – 75/1
  • Lyon – 100/1
  • Chelsea – 250/1.
  • Percentage of the teams’ probability of winning is considered:
  • Manchester City – 25%
  • Bayern Munich – 23%
  • PSG – 17%
  • Barcelona – 11%
  • Atletico Madrid – 10%
  • Atalanta – 9%
  • RB Leipzig – 7%
  • Juventus – 6%
  • Real Madrid – 3%.
  • According to experts, the chances of what a couple of finalists will look like:
  • Man City / PSG – 6/1
  • PSG / Bayern Munich – 7/1
  • Atletico Madrid / Bayern Munich – 8/1
  • Man City / Atletico Madrid – 8/1

Use the latest UCL odds to find out the chances of winning your favorite team, choose the right prediction, and the best bookmaker.