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Italy. Serie A

Serie A: Italy league predictions

The 20 best teams of the first Italian football division have been meeting in the national championship since 1924. However, on a professional level, the players have been competing since 1898. According to UEFA, over the past century, Italy has become known throughout the world for its football clubs and came in third place in the ranking of football associations. Today Italy bypasses Germany and France but is inferior to England and Spain.

Serie A is popular among football fans. The championship meets star teams and players; the broadcasts gather millions of spectators. Uganda is not left out. Thousands of fans support Juventus, Lazio, Inter, Milan, make predictions on the winner and make bets.

Features of Serie A

The modern Serie A format was released in 2004. Each of the 20 clubs holds 2 games with the opponent – guest and home, the total – 38 matches. For the victory, the team will get 3 points for a draw – 1. 

The greatest number of points leads the club to the first position in the standings. It becomes the winner of the championship and goes to the Champions League. The teams that ranked from the second to the fourth place are also qualified to the Champions League. The fifth and sixth places in the standings of Serie A will bring the teams to the Europa League. The clubs that are in the last three lines of the tournament table go to Serie B – the second football division in Italy.

For the title 2019 / 2020 will fight AC Milan, Atalanta, Bologna, Brescia, Cagliari, Fiorentina, Genoa, Inter Milan, Juventus, Lazio, Lecce, Napoli, Parma, Roma, Sampdoria, Sassuolo, SPAL, Torino, Udinese, Verona. 

The favorites were and are Juventus, Milan, and Inter. Their long history of confrontation inspires and attracts fans. Juventus, Italy’s strongest team and current national champion, has won Serie A 35 times. 18 times each first place was won by Milan and Inter.

Another particularly exciting feature of the Italian championship is the fierce confrontation between teams from the same city or region – the derby. The brightest derby usually takes place between Roman teams Lazio and Roma, as well as Milan – Inter Milan and AC Milan. Also known as the “Italian derby,” where Juventus and Inter converge.

Spectacular Italian football bookmakers offer to make money. Today any Ugandan can bet on one or more of the more than 100 betting markets and win.

However, a successful bet is not only determined by the fan’s instinct. It is very important to make an accurate and correct prediction based on the current material and the correct conclusions. 

Our experts have collected a full pool of accents that can influence the match and the championship results, interpreted them, and collected for bettors and fans balanced forecasts on Serie A.

How to predict Serie A matches

Football season in Italy has continued, and the struggle between the favorites and clubs in the center of the standings has already started. Juventus fights for the right to retain the title with the teams that want it back – Lazio, Inter, Milan. Ronaldo, Ilicic, Lukaku, and Galvao fight for the title of the best players of the season.

Ugandan fans will not only care about the final results. You can also make a forecast and earn on bets in individual matches. Odds on derby and games of the strongest teams from the top of the table are especially high.

Different tools are used for qualitative prediction: electronic calculations, intuition, analysis of statistical data, interpretation of the emotional state of players. 

In order for the forecast to be considered complete, it must include:

  • previous results of the season 2018 / 2019 – who won, how many goals were scored, how many titles the team has, where it finished the championship;
  • the results of the current season – goals, passes, who scored, who left the field, how the team proved itself in a confrontation with the opponents;
  • team roster – top players, reserve players, injuries, transfers, consistency of play, the motivation of the players;
  • the tactics of the game – coaching position, the team is strong in defense or offense when most acute moments occur.

Each factor individually is already able to influence the quality of the team game, so together, they allow you to make a qualitative and reliable forecast for the main betting markets in the season 2019 / 2020.

Goals in Serie A

The performance of the matches in the Italian championship is increasing. The average number of goals per match is higher than in any division of Europe – 2.96. 

The market perspective of “more / less 2.5” is clear. An accurate total forecast will also be successful. The highest chances in these wounds will be the derby and the favorites’ matches. Explore the tournament table. The closer the teams are to each other, the more likely they are to score more goals;

  • the most frequent score in the last five years is 1:1. With such a draw, 227 games have ended. However, last year only 11.6% of matches maintained this trend. With the score 2:1 182 games were played in five years, the score 1:0 was in 171 games;
  • at home, the Italians win more often – 44% of games last season. The guests’ victory ended in 28% of matches. The percentage will depend on the team’s experience and the level of support of the fans, but about 6 out of 10 games at home, the team wins.

Stellar players

Italian clubs rely on TOP players; their support in the team is very strong. Often, entering the field of the star becomes crucial for winning. Learn the team’s basic components, declare for the match, and learn the players’ attitude to the famous names in their squad.

Winner of Serie A

The most popular bet with Ugandan bookmakers is the winner of the Italian championship. Coefficients and forecasts in this market are based on an in-depth analysis of the team, its priorities, international football tournaments, and the results of previous games.

Juventus has not let the trophy out of its hands for 8 consecutive years. In the season 2019 / 2020, he does not intend to give it away, having received the title of the champion in 36 times. It is worth remembering that Juventus plays in the Champions League in parallel, like Atalanta and Napoli. The main opponents of Juventus – Milan, and Internationale – play in the Europa League. 

Despite this pressure, the experts say they will defeat Juventus, but they do not rule out a breakthrough by Milan, Internationale, or Napoli.

Whichever betting market you choose, rely on a sober look at statistics, accurate forecasts, and worthy offers from bookmakers. You should not chase high odds. It is much more important to make a bet with a reliable bookmaker on an event with a high probability.

We recommend comparing expert forecasts with the Serie A. computer forecast. The program processes statistical data of each team and assumes an outcome based on algorithms prescribed by professionals. Clarify the range of data to be analyzed. The wider it is, the more accurate the computer will predict the outcome. 

Where to bet on the Serie A

Ugandan bettors will be able to bet on Serie A matches on European sites and on sites with national licenses. It is important to select a proven resource with the best odds per event.

We recommend comparing odds with top bookmakers as a useful tool for productive betting. Register an account on several sites, control the change of odds up or down and bet when you are fully confident in the forecast.

It is important to select bookmakers:

  • a regulatory license that will ensure safe and secure payments;
  • website design and clear betting lines;
  • the availability of a mobile application;
  • easy payment and withdrawal methods. Usually, bookmakers offer electronic wallets, bank transfers, and mobile payments;
  • bonuses and promotions, possibly attached to Serie A bets;
  • choice of different types of bets;
  • developed betting markets;
  • online match broadcasts.

Today, Paddy Power and bet365 offer the largest number of markets for Serie A. They are known for their high odds on the Italian championship events BetVictor and Marathon Bet. 

Our weekend forecasts for Serie A are always accompanied by a list of the best bookmakers who accept betting on selected events.

How to bet on the Serie A

You can put on the Italian league after registration on the bookmaker’s website. Usually, registration requires a minimum set of data – contacts, account currency, password. To login, confirm your contacts via SMS or e-mail, enter your password.

After registration, most bookmakers will offer the player a bonus. Agree after you have read the wagering rules only. Sometimes they are tough enough and require wagering within a limited time.

Refill your account in any way convenient for you. Keep in mind the payment system limits and currency conversion features if you open an account in another country’s currency. Make sure that your account has the amount you need for the best.

Make a betting transaction with a bookmaker when you are sure of the winning amount based on predictions and analytics. Take into account each bet and analyze which of the trades were most successful. Concentrate on the markets where the bets have won.

Use a menu with a selection of events. Serie A is usually placed in a separate block. Click on the link to see the full line of events and bets within the championship. 

Read the latest predictions again before choosing an event and outcome. Make sure it is likely. 

Click on the outcome odds, complete the electronic betting form, and wait until the game is over to win.

Bookmakers allow pre-match bets – warrants and live bets during a match. Take into account the type of bets you place when making a bet. In live betting, it is important to catch the highest odds before the bookmaker reduces it. Singles require a balanced approach, as you will not be able to cancel a bet if you decide you are mistaken.

A special kind of pre-betting is accumulators.

Serie A accumulators

Through accumulators, the bettor will be able to connect from 4 pre-bets to one. This is advantageous because of the special formula for calculating the winnings. Here the odds are multiplied among themselves, or the previous winnings are multiplied by the odds of the subsequent bet. This way, the bettor can save substantial money even with a minimum bet.

Some bookmakers allow you to compose accumulators from already fixed pre-betting post factum.

The forecast is especially important in accumulators because the events in such a bet must be accurately predicted. If at least one bettor’s outcome is not predicted, all the winnings already received will burn.

You predict Serie A accumulators by proposing to combine the events with a high degree of probability. Our experts determine it based on a comprehensive analysis of the teams’ performance and the latest odds.

Latest Serie A odds

Among the latest Serie, A odds are the winner of the competition, the best player of the season, and the results of the upcoming matches.

The most interesting today is the odds per winner:

  • Juventus – 1/33;
  • Atalanta – 20/1;
  • Inter – 40/1;
  • Lazio – 66/1.

Also, the odds show that the chances to finish in the first four are almost the same for Atalanta, Inter, Lazio, and Roma.

The popular drop-out odds are as follows:

  • Brescia – 1/500;
  • Lecce – ⅖;
  • Parma 10/11;
  • Spal – 6/5.

The last odds for the best Serie A. players:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo – ⅚;
  • Ciro Immobile – 21/20;
  • Romelu Lukaku – 500/1;
  • Rodrigo De Paul – 66/1;
  • Leonardo Pavoletti – 80/1.

Bookmakers may still change odds, while you cannot cancel a bet made hastily or without taking into account the changing environment during the championship.

Take a responsible approach to the game of money and carefully study the experts’ forecasts and connoisseurs of football on our website.