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France. Ligue 1

France Ligue 1 predictions

The French football league ranks fifth in the ranking of European football associations, according to UEFA. Ligue 1 is the championship, which is interesting not only for French fans but also for football fans worldwide. It brings France’s best teams to the Europa League and Champions League and marks dangerous opponents for the world’s top football teams. In Uganda, French football attracts as much interest as English or Spanish. Today, Ugandan fans watch Ligue 1 broadcasts, predict match results and make profitable bets for the 2020 / 2021 season.

What do we know about Ligue 1

Professional football in France got its first championship in 1932. For 70 years, it was called France Première Division or France Division 1. In 2002, the tournament was renamed Ligue 1.  The first division tournament brought together the best 20 professional teams, which compete for the trophy in home and away games. Each team holds 38 meetings in total. According to the matches’ results, the team gets points: loss — 0, draw — 1, win — 3. In the championship final, the points are summed up, and three clubs with the highest points join the drawing of Champions League prize. The team on the fourth position in the standings goes to the Europa League. The two teams that finish the tournament with the lowest number of points leave the first division and move to the second — Ligue 2. The most experienced participants in the French national championship and the most titled are Marseille and St-Etienne. St-Etienne won the trophy ten times and Marseille nine times. The last time the teams won the Ligue 1 was long ago: St-Etienne in 1981, Marseille in 2010. In recent years, the more successful club Paris Saint-Germain has been at the top of the Ligue 1 standings nine times. For three years in a row, PSG is leading the championship and does not give away the trophy.  However, it was Lyon that held the championship position the longest. The club was the winner for seven consecutive years, from 2002 to 2008. The UEFA Best Team Ranking placed Paris Saint-Germain in 7th place and Lyon on 18th place out of 25. Amiens SC, Angers, Bordeaux, Brest, Dijon FCO, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Metz, Monaco, Montpellier, Nantes, Nimes, OGC Nice, PSG, Rennes, St-Etienne, Stade Reims, Strasbourg, Toulouse fought in the French championship season 2019 / 2020. However, after 28 rounds, the tournament was completed, and the places were distributed according to the team performance index. It was calculated based on points scored in the tournament and the results of personal club matches.  Paris Saint-Germain took first place with 68 points, second — by Marseille, who earned 56 points, on the third line was Rennes with 50 points. These teams have entered the Champions League. In the Europa League, next season France will be represented by Lille, who took fourth place in the standings. They have dropped out of the first division of Amiens and Toulouse. They were replaced by Lens and Lorient from the second division. The French Football Association has already approved the calendar for the season 2020 / 2021. It starts on August 22-23, 2020, with a match between PSG and Metz. The beginning of the championship is very close, so fans and experts have already started making predictions about the winner. Bookmakers explore potential betting markets, team statistics and assign new odds for matches and the top three in the team standings.

How to predict Ligue 1 matches

Prediction of results in football is a task for true experts on the rules of the game and the league’s internal cuisine. We offer Ugandan fans to practice making forecasts and compare them with our experts’ estimates. To get a full picture of what is happening on Ligue 1, we are looking at it:
  • team lineup — newcomers and permanent lineup, depth of lineup, who is on the sub, peculiarities of interaction between lineup and coach;
  • The players’ physical and moral condition — injuries, star players, the mood of the players before the match, aiming at winning or holding positions in the standings;
  • statistics of past matches in previous seasons — number of goals, the behavior of players on the field, home and away victories ratio, violations;
  • team management strategy and tactics developed by the coach.
To collect all the information necessary for the forecast, our experts study club results, interviews and insider information, social networks, and opinions of other professionals. Based on this information, you can derive the main trends in French Ligue 1, which can affect the betting and odds market.

Match statistics

For a long time, the matches of Ligue 1 were built around defensive tactics. In recent years, the championship has been moving away from that and increasing its efficiency. The teams are strengthening their offensive block and already show an average number of goals per game, equal to 2.56 goals. 
  • The market for “above/below 2.5” betting will grow with good odds. Especially when teams of the same level meet;
  • almost half of the meetings in the previous season were held with mutual goals. 
  • The BTTS market can also be used for betting based on the composition and tactics of the teams;
  • The home team won 43% of home games; guests won 27.8% of the games and a draw of 28.9%. 
  • The home team’s victory bet will be productive in the new Ligue 1 season as well;
  • 13% of all matches in recent seasons ended with a 1:1 score, making it the most common result for the championship.
  • Forecasting and betting on an accurate score can be dangerous if not enough information is collected to make a prediction. Such a bet is more convenient to make in live format;
  • for a live bet, it is also useful to know when the French teams are scoring the most goals. According to statistics, 23.8% of the goals were scored in the second half of the match, 75 – 90 minutes.


The most important link in the forecasts for football matches is the players of the team. The stronger, more active, and more resilient the players, the better the club’s performance will be. If a team is tired (e.g., participating in two championships at the same time), is in a series of defeats, and its players are injured, the risk of losing to an even weaker team is high. The French clubs of Ligue 1 are impressive in their lineup. The teams play world football stars such as Alvaro Gonzalez, Neimar, Kilian Mbappe, and Edinson Cavani. A star soccer player can have a big impact on the team’s performance. Before the forecast, it is important to make sure that such a player will take to the field without getting injured. In past seasons, the best players were Kavani and Mbappe. If these players keep their contracts with the clubs, it is highly probable that they will fight for the title of the best player of the 2020 / 2021 season.

Ligue 1 tournament table

Bookmakers will offer bettors from Uganda to bet on the winner, the top four, outsiders, promotion teams inside the standings, the winner without the top team — PSG. The coefficients for the final results of the competition are quite high but may change as events evolve. To predict the results of Ligue 1, it is important to accurately interpret the results of the games and statistics from previous seasons to take into account the team’s goals and priorities and the peculiarities of the lineup. 

Where to bet on the Ligue 1

Bookmakers are trying to get as many users as possible from Uganda. The company’s profitability depends directly on the number of clients and the volume of their bets. Bookmakers offer a variety of bonuses, promise a quick withdrawal of winnings, hold online game broadcasts. Attractive offers should not be the basis for choosing a site to bet on Ligue 1.  When choosing a bookmaker, you should be guided by such indicators:
  • a Ugandan or foreign license must be listed on the bookmaker’s website. Information about it must be placed in the information section;
  • plenty of ways to deposit and withdraw winnings, conditions, and restrictions on withdrawals must be clearly explained in the user agreement;
  • the ability to deposit in local currency or convert it with a minimum fee;
  • free mobile application or mobile version of the website;
  • easy painting of events and clear betting lines on Ligue 1;
  • competitive odds.
Compare the odds of different bookmakers on our website. Choose the most reliable and proven bookmakers and register on several platforms. This will allow you to bet immediately with favorable odds before the odds change. Pay attention to the types of bets that are present in the bookmaker’s portfolio and the variety of chanсes in each individual match and championship as a whole. The key betting types accepted by the bookmaker on Ligue 1:
  • Pre-betting before the start of the game — single;
  • pre-match bet on the last minutes before the match — pre-match;
  • live in-play bet — bet during the game;
  • accumulators — from 3 to 4 preliminary bets, combined into one.

Ligue 1 accumulators

Accumulators are an interesting and profitable betting type. Here, even a minimum amount for modest odds can increase significantly. This is due to an unusual calculation system. If in singles betting the winnings are formed by multiplying the sum of the bet by the odd, then in Accumulators, several bets are combined, and their odd values are multiplied by the winnings.  For example, you have made 3 bets, each one for 100 U.S. shillings, and combined them into an accumulator. Let us denote the odds on these bets as X, Y, and Z. The winning of the first bet is 100 × X. The win of the second bet — (100 × X) × Y, the win of the third bet — ((100 × X) × Y) × Z.  Despite the profitability, professional bettors advise you to be extremely careful with your savings betting. If at least one of the best in the accumulator is lost, all winnings will be void.  To succeed in such a bet, the bettor must be extremely confident in the forecast. We make a bet for you on accumulators in Ligue 1 and consider the rules of the bookmakers so that the bets are not tied, i.e., the result of one event does not directly affect the result of the other. Choose a savings bet when the result of the games is exactly predictable, and you are ready to bet and take your chances.

How to bet on the Ligue 1

Any type of betting will require a bettor to register with the bookmaker’s website. Usually, registration is done by filling out a short questionnaire and confirming the contacts specified in it via SMS or activator link.  After registration, it is necessary to replenish the account for the planned bet amount. Here most bookmakers will offer a bonus for the first deposit. Accept the bonus when you are sure that you are ready to fulfill the wagering conditions. When the account is funded, choose an event in the Ligue 1 category in the “Football” section. The link will redirect you to the betting line, where potential outcomes and odds on them are given.  Referring to the current forecasts before betting, make sure that the risk is justified, and the chosen bookmaker’s odds are competitive. By clicking on the odds of the selected outcome, you will receive a betting request. Enter the bet amount there and confirm the transaction. If you want to conclude an accumulative bet, use the button that combines the completed bet with others. The winnings are usually calculated within 24 hours after the end of the game. 

Latest Ligue 1 odds

Forecasts for Ligue 1, which were built in the season 2019 / 2020 almost fully justified. Most bookmakers offered the best chances of winning Paris Saint-Germain, Marseille, Rennes, and Lille, as well as predicted to leave Amiens and Toulouse’s division. Before the matches of the new season have started, the odds on winners and losers are temporary. Bookmakers will change them during the championship based on the promotion of the teams in the standings. Today bookmakers offer odds for the first matches of the French league in August 2020, the acceptance of bets on the winner, the best player, and the tournament table will open as soon as the championship begins. The best odds will be on the victory of the universally recognized favorites but will change over time.