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England. Premier League

England Premier League Predictions

English football is known all over the world. Fans from Uganda are looking forward to the English Premier League matches to enjoy quality football played by the best teams in Europe: Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal. The highest football division of England is represented by players with world-famous and rising stars, experienced coaches with interesting tactics, and exciting matches. Today hundreds of bookmakers are fighting for the attention of Ugandan football fans, offering them developed markets for EPL betting and high odds. With accurate predictions for the Premier League, football fans will be able to make a successful bet and win.

Premier League Features

The highest division of English professional football in its present form — the Premier League — has existed since 1992. Over the past 28 years, the English Premier League has become the most popular sporting event in Europe and the world, as well as the most profitable football league: club revenues are billions of dollars. The UEFA coefficient table has placed the EPL in second place in the ranking. The English championship is second only to Spanish La Liga. The Premier League has 20 teams playing 38 games in the championship: two games with each opponent at home and away. At the end of the matches, the teams score points. The champion becomes a club with a large number of them.  Teams on the second and third places get into the Champions League. The club, which took fourth place, will be able to compete with the Champions League teams in the qualifying round. The fifth-place winner of the EPL tournament table is the UEFA Champions League. Depending on the number of points in the Europa League, the sixth and seventh place teams in the ranking can also get into the Europa League. Teams that are in the zone of departure on the 18th, 19th and 20th places, are relegated to the second division and will have to play in the Championship, the second most important championship in England. Next season, the teams ranked first and second in the Championship standings will get into the Premier League. In the history of the Premier League, the largest number of titles collected by Manchester United. The club became the champion 13 times. Chelsea — 4 victories, Arsenal — 3 victories, Manchester City with two titles follow with a significant gap. The 2019 / 2020 season will see Arsenal, Aston Villa, AFC Bournemouth, Brighton & Hove Albion, Burnley, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Everton, Leicester City, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle United, Norwich City, Sheffield United, Southampton, Tottenham Hotspur, Watford, West Ham United, Wolverhampton Wanderers. This season’s English Premier League matches are expected to be as successful as last year. More than 4 billion fans are watching the games. Bettors make more bets on the EPL than on any other European championship. To keep track of Premier League events and earn on the right wagers, Ugandan fans need a quality forecast of the games and the potential winner of the championship.

How to predict Premier League matches

The premier league is known for its dynamic football and numerous derby games. Footballers show high motivation and desire to win. Matches often take on an unexpected move for football fans and end with a big score for one team or a defeat for another. To predict how the championship or its individual matches will end, it is important to carefully monitor the markets for bets offered by bookmakers and make realistic forecasts.  Online bookmakers will offer over 200 potential betting markets to fans from Uganda. More often than not, they can be:
  • championship winner / the best four / best three outsiders / the best footballer — EPL general results;
  • a number of goals scored in the match/team win/draw / more than 2.5 goals / total match — each specific game’s results.
The proposed betting markets mean that the bookmaker and his analysts consider such outcomes possible, which is already worthy of the bettor’s attention. Apart from the attention to the betting market, there are many details to consider for a quality forecast of the Premier League:
  • the state of the team, its composition, and its physical shape. Even your favorite team can not show the best results during the season. Do not reject the club’s commitment, but take into account its position in the standings table, the condition of the players, injuries, transfers, and suspension of top players. 
  • Focus on the stars in your team, but also pay attention to the depth of the lineup, the bench, the consistency of the game on the pitch. 
  • It is important to keep track of how much the team is motivated: whether the club wants to gain a foothold in the Premier League, whether it aims to take first place, whether it simply keeps the existing positions, whether the team matches in international championships with national matches;
  • team results last season and this season — how many goals have been scored, how many points have been scored, how many matches have been played, which opponent is principled, which is considered weak for the team;
  • interaction of the team with the coach and the club management — what are the players’ priorities and managers, whether there is a confrontation between them, what tactics of play and behavior in the whole championship the coach has chosen, the mood within the team?.
Gather information for analytics, not only for the club you are going to bet on. It will be equally important to analyze the opponent’s team. Its condition will directly affect the game.  You can use official EPL and UEFA websites, interviews with players and coaches, social networks, expert assessments in profile publications, and online media as sources of information. The experts on our website make it easy for football fans to find their way around the game. Based on a large array of data, we identify statistics and make forecasts for English Premier League matches as the matches progress. We recommend potentially successful betting markets, based on last season’s results:
  • In 2018 / 2019, the winner was Manchester City. The team scored 95 goals, which is an average of 2.5 goals per game. The Liverpool scores are slightly lower — 2.3 goals. In 53% of games of the whole season, the team scored more than 2.5 goals. Thus, in the current season, this market will also be successful. Take into account the position of your opponent teams in the league table;
  • both teams have scored 51% of the matches. BTTS bets remain valid for this season as well. It is important to remember that BTTS does not mean a draw; it is a separate betting market. Only 19% of last season’s matches ended in a draw. Curiously enough, last season’s most frequent score was 1:1. 193 games ended with it. The second most frequent score was 1:0 (in 185 games);
  • home victories are leading in terms of guest — 48 / 38%;
  • the majority of the team goals scored in the second half of the match.
Towards the end of the season, the bets on the best team and the best player are as productive as possible. It is necessary to refer again to the physical form, the accumulated level of fatigue, and the complexity of the upcoming matches. We make predictions based on current statistics and expert opinion on developments. Use only the latest forecasts on EPL today so that they take into account the latest information. A timely forecast is able to determine the success of a bet.

Where to bet on the Premier League

The Ugandan bettor will not lack bookmakers who accept bets on the English Premier League. High interest in this championship in the country and the world has determined and wide painting lines on EPL at all possible online bookmakers. To select the best, you need to be careful in assessing key parameters for the bet’s safety and convenience:
  • the bookmaker must have a good reputation. It is easy to know from the feedback and the number of registered customers on the bookmaker’s website. Reputation and security are also determined by license availability. You can use the services of bookmakers licensed from Uganda or European bookmaker sites with licenses from Curacao, Malta, Gibraltar, and others;
  • a simple and intuitive interface of the site, clear painting of lines, availability of a mobile application for outdoor betting;
  • developed a betting market and painting of English Premier League events so that the bettor does not have any difficulty choosing the outcome. Bet365 has the largest number of markets (120), Paddy Power has just under 110, and 100 markets will offer BetVictor and Betfair;
  • EPLs must be market related and competitive. In order not to miss the best of the odds, we suggest using a comparison of odds on our website. We recommend that you register at several betting sites at once. This will make it easier to choose and access high odds. Forecasts for English Premier League on Saturday will show high odds. This is since most matches are held at the weekend;
  • quick winnings withdrawals and easy top-ups with no commissions and minimum limits. Pay attention to the availability of mobile payments and possible account currencies;
  • bonus offers for registration, deposits, bets on EPL matches;
  • various types of bets are welcome. The site must offer the client in-play bets, pre-bets, accumulators.
Long-term advance bets may be accepted by bookmakers well in advance of the event. Sometimes it is months, sometimes weeks and days. The odds here are not always high, but the single will always offer important events that may “grow” in price over time. Don’t rush to conclude single in months; wait for the odds to rise.  In-play bets are more exciting than the preliminary ones. They are made during the game. Often bookmakers accompany such bets online broadcast. For bets to be successful, it is important to understand the progress of the game and current forecasts with the latest updates in the team’s information. During the betting process, the bookmaker will change the odds for the outcome based on the pitch situation. It is important to catch the changes in time and bet on the best odds.  One of the most profitable types of bets is considered to be the best bet.

Premier League accumulators

Accumulators (acc) combines several Premier League bets into one. As a rule, acc includes 4 events that are not directly related to each other. For example, the victory of a team in match X, the number of red cards in match Y, total in match Z, and more than 2,5 in match Q.  What is the advantage of combining bets into one? The bettor gets the chance to win a significantly higher amount due to the special calculation of the winnings. Depending on the rules of the bookmaker, the winnings in the accumulator are calculated:
  • by multiplying all odds, the product is then multiplied by the betting amount;
  • by multiplying the winnings of one bet by the odds of the previous bet, forming an accumulator effect.
Bookmakers offer different options for making up accumulators. A bettor can combine previously concluded single bets or form accumulators at once using special links. Premier League accumulators are popular, but they are dangerous. When at least one bet of the accumulator is lost, all previous winnings are burned.  Forecasts become particularly important here. Experts predict the most likely outcomes for some of the matches, which should be combined into accumulators. An inaccurate prediction that is questionable should not be used when making a cumulative bet.  We collect EPL accumulators for you at weekend matches when the most interesting games with predictable outcomes take place.  The risk for Premier League accumulators does exist, but a balanced and accurate approach to estimating potential outcomes in a forecast will allow you to win significantly more than the amount of your bet.

How to bet on the Premier League

For a successful bet on the English Premier League, it is important to follow the recommendations of betting experts:
  • choose only verified and high-ranking betting offices;
  • compare the betting markets and odds offered by different bookmakers;
  • place a bet when you are 100% sure of the forecast and trust the opinion of professionals;
  • study your own match results and insider information to have your own idea of the matches;
  • develop your EPL betting strategy and limit your betting amounts according to it. Check and analyze your betting results to determine a successful market or quality forecast.
To bet on real money and win a betting bettor will need to register with the bookmaker’s website. Often registration and the first deposit will be accompanied by bonuses, which can also be used for betting on EPL.  We recommend that you install the bookmaker’s mobile application as well in order not to miss out on an interesting bet on the Premier League today.  After registration and the deposit, you can proceed with the selection of the event. Usually, English Premier League is listed in a separate category in the “Football” column.  Click on the link and choose a specific match or the result of the entire championship. The website will forward you to the betting line. Here you can find the outcomes planned by the bookmaker:
  • victory 1 / victory 2 / draw;
  • the exact score;
  • both teams will score;
  • double chances — win 1 or draw/win 2 or draw;
  • who will score first;
  • handicap;
  • penalty kick.
Examine the line carefully. Often the bookmaker also offers specific betting options with high odds. Based on the forecast, choose the result of the game and fill in the electronic betting form. It will appear by clicking on the outcome odds. The betting amount will be deducted from your account, and the winnings will be calculated after the match according to the chosen odds.

Latest Premier League Odds

The latest Premier League odds are important parameters for betting. Coefficients determine how much the bookmaker evaluates the probability of a particular outcome. The lower the odds, the greater the chances of a scenario being implemented.  Coefficients are formed based on in-depth analysis, risk factor assessment, and expert forecasts.  The most popular today are the forecasts for the top four in the tournament table based on the results of the season 2019 / 2020. Coefficients of bookmakers are distributed as follows:
  • Man Utd — 2/7;
  • Tottenham — 250/1;
  • Chelsea — ⅙;
  • Leicester — 13/8;
  • Wolves — 200/1.
Coefficients per winner of the Premier League:
  • Man City — 11/10;
  • Liverpool — 9/5;
  • Man Utd — 10/1;
  • Chelsea — 16/1.
Ratio for the outsiders of the Championship: 
  • Man City — 11/10; 
  • Liverpool — 9/5; 
  • Man Utd — 10/1; 
  • Chelsea — 16/1:
  • Bournemouth — ⅘;
  • Aston Villa — ⅙; 
  • Watford — 4/1;
  • West Ham — 22/1.
Another interesting market — the best player of the Premier League 2019 / 2020. The coefficients here are as follows:
  • Harry Kane — 500/1;
  • Mohamed Salah — 25/1;
  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang — 10/1;
  • Jamie Vardy — ⅕.
The coefficients presented by us do not include the full list of options offered by bookmakers. Use a comparison of coefficients and outcomes on the websites of different bookmakers. Please note that the odds may change as the championship develops and the favorites change.