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England. Championship

England Championship Predictions

England is home to football. And even though modern football is very different from its ancestor, the British championships are famous for their passionate play, the performance of outstanding footballers, and the significant goals of popular teams. 

In Uganda, football has gained unprecedented popularity, and fans of the game are happy to be able not only to cheer for the English teams but also to earn money by betting on football. Today bookmakers in Uganda and abroad accept bets on English football championship.

Features of England Championship 

We recommend that football fans from Uganda pay attention to England Championship games. With the right prediction and a well-thought-out betting format, the Ugandans win big sums, as English bookmakers put the best odds on the tournament events.

The second after the Premier League England Championship is very important for English football. Championship matches attract attention because the winner enters the Premier League and can compete for the country’s main trophy. Also, the matches are rapid, the development of events in them often surprises fans and experts, and local clubs are increasingly zealous to win as they move into the standings.

The England Championship is one of the oldest in Europe. It has been held regularly since the late 19th century. The championship has changed three names: Second Division (until 1992), First Division of the football league (until 2004), England Championship since 2005.

The championship involves 23 English teams and 1 club from Wales. 24 teams play with each other twice: at home and away. The two winners, who scored more points and took first and second place in the standings, move to the Premier League with all its significant prestige and funding opportunities. The loser club is relegated to the first league. 

Teams ranked 3rd to 6th in the standings play the playoffs. Here the winner also receives a cash reward and additional opportunities for advancement in the status. Therefore, the championship playoffs gather a huge number of football fans and get the attention of bookmakers.

The attention of bookmakers’ sites is also determined by the importance of England Championship in terms of world championships. By popularity, it takes second place among the tournaments of the second division. In Europe, this championship is the seventh most financially secure.

Experts of our site will provide Ugandans with all the information about the developments in the England Championship, as well as qualitative forecasts for betting on football, comparison of coefficients on the outcomes of the England Championship in the best bookmaker offices in Uganda and around the world.

How to predict Championship matches

We appreciate the fans who are confident in the success of their favorite team and are ready to cheer for it to the last. However, in sports betting on football, it is important to have a balanced assessment of the club’s capabilities, the potential of the bookmaker’s coefficients, and an accurate forecast.

Predictions of the outcome of the match should be based on several indicators:

  • detailed analysis of the line-up — the presence of strong or star players, team behavior during the game and in stressful situations, the depth of the line-up and the line-up of reserve players;
  • the current position of the team in the England Championship table, its results in the previous season — victories, number of goals, number of defeats;
  • history of meetings between opposing teams, with what result they ended up with, whether the confrontation is principled, the so-called derby;
  • the motivation of the players and their mood before the game;
  • the tactics and strategy of the team and its management, the priorities of the club.

It is problematic to collect and compare all the data, often posted on narrow profile websites or in sources closed to the average fan. It is also difficult to interpret and search for game results, individual statements, or evaluations of the players themselves. That’s why the experts of our portal have united and made accurate and thoughtful forecasts for the Ugandans at England Championship, taking into account the specifics of the markets offered for betting by bookmakers.

Goals in England Championship matches

Our analysts specified that England Championship football teams played 557 matches and scored almost one and a half thousand goals during the season 2018 / 2019. The average number of goals scored per game is 2.6, and both teams scored in 54% of matches. The competitive indicator even when compared with the Premier League. 

We expect that in the season 2019 / 2020, players will show the same productive game. We should pay attention to the market rates “above 2.5” or “both teams will score,” as well as the overall score of the match. Given the level of the team and the results of its previous games, it is quite possible to predict the exact result in this market.

It should be noted that in 2019 the zero scores were only in 7% of games. This year’s zero draw betting market will also be in little demand. At the same time, a 1:1 draw was the most popular draw last season. The trend may continue, but you should keep in mind how the teams will play this season.

The time betting market for goals may also be promising. In 2018 / 2019, 19% of goals were scored on 60 – 75 minutes, 24% on 75 – 90 minutes, 43% were scored in the second half. Pay attention to these statistics when planning an in-play betting. It will tell you when an attack and change of odds are most likely.

Home and away games

The results and analysis of the previous season regarding victories at home or away are mixed. Against the backdrop of the pan-European trend towards home victories, matches  

England Championship in 44% of games ended in a home victory. 29% of matches ended in the victory of guests, a draw in home games — 27%.

When forming a bet on the winner of the game, take into account the readiness of the teams to show a great game even on the road.

League table and playoffs

While the forecast for the favorite is made quite accurately by the middle of the championship, the forecast for playoff games can be a problem.

Bookmakers single out separate markets for Premier League winners, obvious outsiders, but even more, bets are open for matches between teams on 3-6 places in the standings.

Currently, Fulham, Cardiff City, and Huddersfield Town are fighting for the title of winner of the England Championship. However, according to statistics, the teams rarely return to the Premier League from the first try, and even less often, they are promoted automatically.

To predict the first six in the league table, take into account the club’s behavior over the whole season (preferably taking into account the previous one), the confidence of the players, the evenness of the results, the stripes of wins or losses, the desire to win.

With the same analysis, you can predict the best player of the season. Additionally, the number of goals scored, the status of the player in the team, and his willingness to interact with the team are also monitored. When choosing a player, pay attention to teams with offensive tactics, in which the scoring player plays throughout the match.

In our forecasts for England Championship, we look at all possible betting markets open at bookmakers so that the Ugandan bettors can more accurately determine the chances of various events.

Where to bet on the championship

For a bet to be safe and successful, you need to consider several parameters when choosing a bookie. Please rely on the odds given in our comparison of odds, the prestige, and license of the bookmaker’s office, the convenience of online bookmaker services.

We recommend not to stop at one brand, but to create accounts at several popular bookmaker sites in order to identify the best odds and bet with more value.

High odds alone are not enough if the bookmaker does not guarantee the safety of money transfers or is unavailable due to frequent blockages. 

What should I check?

The availability of a license and its prestige. Licensed bookmakers are subject to regulatory authorities, follow the game laws, and guarantee payments provided that the bettor complies with the user agreement. Always check the licensing information and read the rules for using the services and their provision. In Uganda,,,,, and are licensed, but a European license will also allow you to play safely;

  • the simplicity and orderliness of the interface show respect for the users. Check the availability and quality of the mobile application. It is important that the bookmaker is also available in your gadget when it is temporarily impossible to visit the site;
  • the painting of the championship lines should contain the main betting markets, competitive odds, additional markets with interesting offers on the outcome of the game;
  • choice of betting types — in-play, ordinary, savings bets;
  • registration bonuses, first deposit, mobile application usage or special bets;
  • easy winnings withdrawal and fast top-up.

Be prepared for most bookmakers to request documents to verify their accounts before making a bonus or withdrawing winnings. Translate passport and other documents into electronic form in advance.

Check the betting odds that we publish in our championship forecasts, but be prepared that they may change as events evolve.

How to bet on the championship

An accurate forecast has been made, and the odds for the games of the championship at the individual bookmaker are satisfied with you? You can start to register on the site. Most often, the bettor will need to fill out a short questionnaire and provide contact information. After confirming the phone number or e-mail, the user has the right to top up the account in the selected currency. Please check in advance whether the bookmaker supports the possibility to transfer money using Airtel Money, Paysafecard or MTN Mobile Money vouchers. If not, you can use electronic wallets, bank cards, or transfers, as well as accounts in the crypt currency. 

Once the bet is backed by a deposit, the player:

  • chooses the championship from the sports menu;
  • goes to the betting line, determines an interesting event according to the forecast;
  • chooses the outcome and its odds. Potential outcomes — total match, victory X1 / X2, draw, more / less 2.5, BTTS, goal time and more;
  • forms an electronic betting coupon and confirms it.

This order is valid for single bets as well as savings or live betting.

In live betting format, the player makes a bet already during the match, and please note the change of odds that is inevitable in this type of bet.

For a savings bet, bookmakers most often offer a special link or button that will allow you to combine the desired bet into one after their conclusion or right in the course of the formation of the acc.

What are Championship accumulators

We offer you forecasts for the most likely outcomes of the English championship matches, which are best suited to form a savings bet. 

It consists of several potential outcomes, the odds of which are multiplied when calculating the winnings. This gives the bettor the opportunity to win more. 

The importance of the betting for this bet is fundamental. If at least one bet is lost, the results of the previous winnings are canceled. Therefore, it is only possible to bet if the outcome is the most likely to be achieved.

We make bets on weekends and bets during the entire England Championship. 

Latest Championship Odds

The last odds for the England Championship, the odds for the Saturday matches of the championship or the winner of the competition bookmakers set also based on forecasts and careful analysis. The preliminary odds are based on the information of the previous season, but they change in the course of the championship.

Today the forecasts for the England Championship are concentrated on the four winners who will take the top spots in the tournament table.

The same chances are 5/2 for Leeds United and Fulham. Over time, the odds may split, but they already guarantee a fierce battle for leadership. The chances of Cardiff City are estimated at 3/1 and 7/2 for Stoke City. 

Today the standings are dominated by West Bromwich Albion, Leeds United, Fulham, and Brentford.

The odds for the best player of the season are based on the goals already scored. Here Lewis Grabban — 17 goals, Ollie Watkins — 22 goals, Aleksandar Mitrović — 23 goals. Last season the best player was Teemu Pukki (Norwich), who scored 29 goals. The players have already shown excellent results, but there are still a lot of matches ahead.

Follow the updates closely on the winner’s forecasts and individual matches, check the odds in the betting offices, and place your bets thoughtfully.