Euro 2021: predictions and free betting tips

Euro 2020 is the European Football Championship under UEFA’s auspices, where not the clubs but the national teams compete. Every four years, Euro matches bring together teams from all over Europe, which are part of UEFA and qualified. In the group stage, there are 24 national teams. The best of them will go to the playoffs, where they will fight for the trophy.

The championship in 2020 was an anniversary one for Euro. For 60 years now, the football tournament has been a joy for football fans all over the world, including Uganda. However, due to the world’s difficult situation, the group stage of the competition and the playoffs were postponed to 2021.

The group stage will start in June 2021 in Rome; the final is scheduled for July 2021. The match for the title of champion will take place in London. The organizers have ensured the maximum coverage of the cities that will host the events of Euro 2021. The teams will play in Rome, London, Glasgow, Dublin, Budapest, Munich, Bucharest, Amsterdam, Baku, Saint Petersburg, Copenhagen, and Bilbao.

Despite the postponement of such a significant football championship, football fans from all over the world carefully follow the news of the national teams and make predictions for a possible winner, the best football player, the tournament schedule, and individual matches. The forecast will show a deep knowledge of football realities and allow you to earn in Euro 2021 bets. 

Euro 2021 qualifiers odds

The qualifying matches of Euro 2021 are over. Bettors managed to get their winnings for successful bets. However, the bookmakers’ odds and past games provide invaluable information about the national teams, which will be useful in making a forecast. 

Favorites may come off the podium in the group stage, but during the forced break, the national teams will strengthen their lineup and physical fitness and show better results.

In qualification, the national teams have shown determination and a bright game. Thus, the national team of Finland has made a real breakthrough, having qualified for the first time. Also, for the first time since 2012, the national teams of Denmark and the Netherlands qualified.

The number of national teams after the qualification has decreased from 55 to 24. In the qualifying groups, the largest number of points was scored by England, Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, and Ukraine, which beat even Portugal in Group B. Ukraine, Spain, Belgium, and Italy did not lose a single game.

These figures not only indicate the favorites but also indicate the level of preparation of the teams, their goal to win. Bookmakers at the end of qualification have already changed a number of odds for the winner of the championship.

Groups Euro 2021

In the Euro group stage, 24 teams play. With the drawing of lots, they split into 6 groups.

  • Group A: Italy, Turkey, Wales, Switzerland
  • Group B: Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Russia 
  • Group C: Austria, Netherlands, Ukraine, winner of the playoffs of Groups D or A;
  • Group D: Croatia, Czech Republic, England, winner of the group C playoffs;
  • Group E: Poland, Spain, Sweden, the winner of group B playoffs;
  • Group F: Germany, Portugal, France, the winner of the playoffs A or D

According to the group stage results, 16 teams will be determined, which will go to the playoffs. The games will be played in the playoffs in the knockout format — the national team leaves the tournament if it loses the match.

Bookmakers already accept bets on group stage matches, group winners, and the composition of the future playoff list. Before betting, it is very important to put together a correct picture of the upcoming matches, to make a reliable forecast, which guarantees the success of the Euro bet. For this, it is important to consider the physical condition of the teams, their morale, injuries, and transfers, previous national team results.

Thus, in Group A, Italy is leading, winning all 10 matches of the qualifying round. Experts have almost no doubt that the national team will go to the playoffs. The Swiss team, with experience of playing in major European championships, is strong in the group. Turkey and Wales rarely went beyond qualification, so the victory of the teams is in question.

In Group B, Belgium is definitely a favorite. The national team has already scored 40 goals and successfully played until Euro in the World Cup 2018. 

In Group C, the most interesting are the Netherlands and Ukraine. The national teams have shown themselves excellently in qualification. The Netherlands has a slight advantage: excellent players and experience in the finals of major tournaments.

Group D also has a clear favorite. The UK national team has a strong lineup, known for its desire to collect all European and world football titles.

Group E is led by Spain. Experts have no doubt that this national team will cope with the opponents from Poland and Sweden.

Group F brings together France, Germany, and Portugal. The most active confrontation will unfold here, which will be saturated with interesting and intense matches. All three national teams are undoubtedly strong and will fight to the limit.

As we see, the favorites for the winner’s title are more than enough for both the group stage and playoffs. The fans of each country insist that their national team is the best and most worthy. Bookmakers are weighing their chances and are already forming a market for betting on the winner.

Favourites Euro 2021

Three teams — England, Belgium, and France — occupy a significant place in the top Euro 2021. 

The English national team is playing actively in offensive tactics. It includes such star forwards as Rahim Sterling, Markus Rushford, and Harry Kane. If the coach strengthens the national team’s defense line until 2021, England has every chance to win the championship.

The French national team also has many star names — Antoine Grizmann, Kilian Mbappe, and Giroux. Strong in the attack Paul Pogba and Cante. If the players work well together, the national team will compete strongly with any team.

Belgium became a bronze medalist at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Eden Hazard, Romelou Lukakou, Kevin de Bruhn, and Jan Vertongen in the national team are not inferior to the top French and English. Perhaps you have heard little about Belgian football, but the national team in qualifying and at international competitions cause opponents to doubt about the success.

The fate of the favorites may change during the group stage and playoffs. Today, the predictions of the winner may seem convincing, but we should not hurry. Before placing a bet, make your own prediction and compare it with the experts’ opinion.

How to predict Euro 2021 matches

This Euro 2021 forecast requires a long and painstaking period of work. We do not doubt that football fans from Uganda are able to carry it out on their own, but we offer assistance in collecting information and interpreting it.

Our experts process information from open and insider sources, regularly monitor interviews with national team players and coaches, analyze team management policies, and players’ priorities. We analyze a wide range of statistics concerning the results of the games.

Qualitative forecasts for Euro 2021 on our website will include analysis:

  • the number of goals scored and the team’s tactics — during which period of the match the national team scores more often, how strong the team is in defense and attack, how the team reacts to stress at the beginning and end of the game;
  • team lineups — we consider injuries, benching, physical condition, possible retirements or suspensions, especially the top players of the national team, their coherence with other players;
  • emotional background — how crucial the victory for the team is, the history of meetings with the opponent’s team, and how the players assess their chances of winning;
  • organizational moments — in which city and at what time the match will be held, how the fans of the national teams will be represented, whether Euro matches are combined with games in other championships.

The analysis of not only the game of the favorite but also of his opponent is mandatory in the forecast. As qualification matches have shown, even outsiders can breakthrough.

Use the forecasts to get the game’s possible outcome and free football tips, compare teams, and find the bookmaker with the best odds.

Where to bet on the Euro 2021

The most convenient and fastest way to bet on Euro is to contact an online bookmaker. Today in Uganda, there are national, African, and European bookmakers, who will offer developed markets for betting on the European championship.

Online betting on football in any bookmaker’s office will be legal if the bookmaker is licensed. Regardless of who issued the license — Uganda, Malta, Curaçao, or Gibraltar — this document ensures that the bookmaker conducts legitimate gambling activities and complies with quality standards.

License information is usually published on the home page of the bookmaker’s website. Please check it before registering on the resource.

In addition to information about the license, the right online bookmaker must provide:

  • a clear interface and the ability to serve in different languages;
  • painting of lines on Euro 2021 with competitive odds;
  • different types of betting;
  • mobile application and website version for mobile gadgets;
  • quick and easy money withdrawal;
  • bonuses and promotions.

Our free football tips always contain links to verified bookmakers who offer the best odds. You can use a comparison of odds from different bookmakers on our website to select the best ones. 

Sign up for several online betting sites at once to track changes in odds and place bets faster. 

Do not ignore other bettors’ feedback about your bookmaker. In them, you can learn about withdrawal problems, bookmakers’ limits and commissions, and the peculiarities of earning winnings.

How to bet on the Euro 2021

Online betting on Euro 2021 is easy. Ugandan fans will be able to bet even on their mobile phones via the bookmakers’ free apps. For betting, you need:

  • to register quickly and confirm your contacts via SMS or e-mail;
  • top up your account with or without bonuses;
  • complete the profile and pass the verification (the sooner you pass the verification, the sooner you will withdraw the winnings);
  • choose a match or event in the Euro 2021 grid;
  • go to the betting line and click on the odds of the most probable outcome;
  • fill in the betting coupon;
  • wait until the match is over, and the winnings are calculated.

Most often, bookmakers offer the odds of an entire championship or a particular match. In a separate match you can bet on:

  • win / lose / draw;
  • the exact score in the game;
  • a score above/below 2.5 (European football shows high performance in matches, so this betting market can be quite promising);
  • both teams will score;
  • handicaps;
  • goal time/author of the goal.

For the whole competition — usually, such bets are in a special section “Results” — bookmakers will offer a bet on the betting:

  • the winner of Euro 2021;
  • the best scorer;
  • the four semifinalists;
  • who will advance to the playoffs from the group stage;
  • who will be out of the competition.

Before placing a bet, please read the forecasts or free football tips again to see if the bet will be successful in the future. Here you can also determine which type of bet will be the most productive:

  1. a pre-betting will be suitable for championship results or individual games when the bettor’s forecast is accurate. Remember that a betting win will generate the same odds that existed at the time the deal was made. It is possible that the odds may increase after you have made a bet. In this case, the winnings will be less. If the odds go down, you will get a higher return;
  2. a live bet is made during the game. It will be suitable for bettors who are not fully confident in the prediction of the match, but who have an excellent knowledge of the rules and are able to predict developments after certain phases of the game. Be careful, the odds in live — the lines constantly change, hurry to catch the highest one;
  3. accumulators — a type of bet which combines several bets into one.

Euro 2021 accumulators

Free football tips at Euro 2021 on our website often offer bettors possible accumulators — bets with cumulative winnings.

When concluding the accumulator, the bettor combines 3 – 4 bets into one to increase your winnings. Depending on the bookmaker’s policy, it will be calculated:

  • by multiplying the odds and then multiplying the product by the betting amounts;
  • by multiplying the previous winnings by the odds of the subsequent bet.

In the end, the bettor will get a much bigger winning at a minimum cost.

In the case of bettors, the quality of the forecast is of particular importance. Each of the results included in the bet must happen. If at least one of the outcomes does not work and the bettor loses, all the winnings will burn out, and the subsequent bets in the bet will be canceled.

Use our advice when forming accumulators and win!

Latest Euro 2021 odds

Before the start of the group stage Euro 2021, bookmaker odds may remain stable, because the games are not played, or change if a national team player is seriously injured or there is an important transfer, changed coach or performance of players in other championships.

At the moment there are Euro 2021 odds per winner:

  • England — 9/2;
  • France — 5/1;
  • Belgium — 5/1;
  • Netherlands — 6/1;
  • Germany — 8/1;
  • Spain — 15/2.

Best Euro scorer:

  • Harry Kane — 6/1; 
  • Cristiano Ronaldo — 10/1;
  • Romel Lukak — 12/1; 
  • Cailian Mbappe — 14/1.

The best player of the tournament: 

  • Kevin De Bruun — 10/1;
  • Cailian Mbappe — 10/1;
  • Antoine Grizmann — 14/1;
  • Harry Kane — 16/1.

Recognized as the best young player of Euro 2021:

  • Gadon Sancho — 5/2;
  • Matthias de Ligt — 4/1;
  • Kai Havertz — 6/1;
  • Nicolo Zaniolo — 8/1.

Keep track of the odds in several betting offices, correlate them with the forecasts and place your bets thoughtfully.