Free Football Betting Tips

Soccer bets are a great way to spend time with excitement and profit. Today in Uganda, over 200 bookmakers offer football fans to bet on national and international championships. 

Each bettor has the right to choose a football event in Uganda, Europe, the world, and make a deal to win or lose the team, the exact score or first place in the tournament table. 

Bookmakers do not stop at the variety of outcomes for a bet. They offer different types of bets, unique odds for each bookmaker. Each option is important to make a successful bet.

In order to consider potential developments on the football pitch and select the best betting odds, it is important to consider dozens of factors, many of which can slip away from the fan. Our free soccer betting tips allow you to look at your forecast in a new light with new in-depth data. 

3 tips before making your football betting tips

We do not doubt that football fans from Uganda have a great understanding of this sport and can make successful forecasts. However, each championship, each individual match has specific features that can easily be overlooked. Commitment to a football club can be followed by mistakes and exaggerating a team’s merit or underestimating an opponent’s chances of winning.

To get the most accurate forecast of the game, consider the team’s game from different angles.

Tip # 1: Study Team Motivation

What makes players improve their performance with every game or play relaxed? The motivation of the team. It directly affects the quality of the game and the number of goals scored. The more significant and prestigious the victory in the championship, the higher the financial reward, the better the clubs’ performance.

Before you make a prediction, you should investigate such factors:

  • what is the prize money of the championship;
  • how important the championship is for the club (provides access to the top division, world cup, Champions League and others);
  • whether the championship is combined with a parallel tournament of greater or lesser importance. For example, national league players who play in Europa League or Champions League at the same time may not be interested in spending their energy on passing matches in the national championship, or may be exhausted in confrontations with the top teams of the world;
  • at what point in the championship the match takes place. If, in the first half of the tournament, the favorites have already been determined, the outsiders’ fight starts by the final. As a rule, a loss in the championship reduces the team’s prestige; it can sink into the second division, and the financing will be reduced. This contributes to the fact that the clubs are more motivated to avoid possible consequences. The European trend in recent years, for example, shows that the teams-outsiders often make a breakthrough in the middle of the tournament;
  • what is the team’s relationship with the coach: whether he motivates the players, how much respect he has. Teams or individual players may be in direct confrontation with the coach, which will have a significant effect on their motivation: either a complete rejection to play in the coach’s tactics or an active game against the coach’s opinion of the player;
  • how top players influence the team and its mood, whether the team will be able to unite in the absence of a star player or support him;
  • which field the team plays on. The statistics prove how important it is for the players to defend their home stadium honor and get support from the fans. In most recent football championship matches, the teams have won more at home.
  • As we can see, the motivation of the teams depends on many nuances. Pay attention to them before the forecast and bet.

Tip # 2: Read the news to know the form of the teams

How do I get information about the motivation of the club? Explore the latest news about the team. You can find them in several sources:

  • official website of the team;
  • the website of the federation hosting the championship;
  • news feeds in the Sports or Football category;
  • direct speech by the players or coach in an interview;
  • profile forums and websites;
  • footballers’ social networks.

Pay attention to the truthfulness of the information and the emotional tone of the material. Learn the original source of the news: gossip, secular chronicles, the official position of the club management, insider information. The more credible the source is, the better.

It is also important that the information is up to date. The closer the publication date is to the game start, the better. 

The team news will be the most useful for conclusions:

  • mentioning injuries;
  • suspension from the game;
  • a substitute team (who is more likely to be taken out on the field by the coach);
  • the attitude of the players (especially top players);
  • how the players and the coach consider the opponent.

The history of opposing teams is also important. Derby is usually mentioned here – the fundamental confrontation of teams from one city or region, the number of meetings and their results, the history of the transition of players from one club to another.

The latest news about the team is as important in forecasts as possible.

Tip #3: Analyze the special abilities of teams

Each football club has its own strategy and tactics of the game, which form the features of the players’ behavior on the field. Look closely at the results of previous matches of the club this season and last season, try to identify trends:

  • the team plays better at home or away;
  • players will become active in the first games or closer to the final of the tournament;
  • players attack in the first half of the match or in the last third;
  • the winning line and the losing line fall on a specific period of the championship, whether the number of victories depends on the position in the tournament table;
  • who scores more often in the team;
  • how strong the goalkeeper is;
  • when the coach brings top players to the field (in what situation, at what time), when he brings them off the field.

All these indicators are necessary for the forecasts for the match. They make it possible not only to determine the optimal type of bet but also to predict the match’s result. Our experts carefully analyze each block of information and based on this analysis, recommend one or another bet on football in Uganda.

What types of football tips do we offer?

Football tips on our website can be divided into several groups. We offer not only forecasts on the outcome of a match but also take into account the type of bet that is best suited for a particular event.

Accumulator Tips

Savings bets or Express bets that combine multiple outcomes into one bet allow bettors to win more with minimum investment. This is possible thanks to a special scheme for calculating winnings. It multiplies the odds of different outcomes among themselves and then multiplies the bet amount, or each previous win in the Express is multiplied by the odds of the next bet.

Carefully read the conditions of the formation of the accumulator on your bookmaker’s website.

Our recommendations take into account that the accumulator cannot include interconnected events. We form recommendations for accumulator bets when we are sure of the outcome of linked events because when at least one of the best in the Express is lost, all previous winnings will be canceled.

Both Teams To Score Tips (BTTS)

In recent years, football has significantly enhanced the results of matches. More and more often, there are meetings in which both teams score. When this outcome is most likely, we recommend a BTTS bet.

Most often, BTTS is offered in matches in which the teams of approximately the same level or in similar positions in composition and tactics. For example, both teams have strong forwards, a weakened defense and are on the same level in the standings.

In our tips, you will always find a link to the team form, which will allow you to score for both clubs.

Over 2.5 Goals Tips

As with BTTS, the number of goals per match increases in both European and Ugandan football. Today bookmakers offer markets Over 1.5 / 2.5 / 3.5 goals, but the most common is Over 2.5. This is the most promising betting market, especially if we bet on European football. Often, such a forecast can be seen when forming accumulators. 

We consider the advice for betting on Over 2.5 in the context of the level of professional training of the team and its opponent, the principle of the match for the team.

Correct Score Tips

If you think it’s easy to determine the winner in a particular match, we offer a more complex option: to determine the game’s exact score. When scoring goals between 0 and 6, up to 49 different score options are available for each team. It is tempting to predict with precision every goal scored. 

We make accurate scoring forecasts when our experts have full confidence in the developments on the pitch. Our advice can be used when making a prediction, for regular bets or for in-play bets.

Anytime Goalscorer Tips

Another option for the betting market is the player who will score a goal. It is also important to be informed about the player’s emotional state, physical condition, the peculiarities of the relationship with his own team, and the opposing team. 

It is possible to bet on top players of the club, but they may not be as successful depending on the championship (for example, Messi shows results in European competitions, and in the World Cup, his achievements are modest). At the same time, outsiders can score unpredictably if their motivation is not taken into account.

We are happy to advise you to bet on a player who will score when you are confident in his performance. You can place such a bet either in real-time or in advance or by including it in the player’s account.

Bet of the Day

We allocate a day rate based on the most accurate forecasts. When the analysts have clearly agreed on what the result of the match will be, we offer you a bet of the day on this event.

Since bets of the day are most likely and unanimous, winning in this bet is most likely.

On our website, you can get a recommendation for a bet of the day for free.

In-Play Tips

One of the most exciting types of bets is In-play when the bet is placed right during the game. This bet is for those who are perfectly aware of the rules, the composition of players, read football tips on our website, and already assumes how events will develop.

Despite the dynamism of football, we form In-play tips. You can view them both before and during the match to determine if the forecast is right and if you will trust it.

Remember, the odds in In-play betting are constantly changing depending on the situation on the pitch. Catch the highest one based on the advice on our website.

How do our experts make their tips?

Football is often called unpredictable and too fast to make predictions. We don’t think so. If you carefully examine all the teams’ parameters, match, and championship, you can confidently predict the favorite and even the score in the game.

For this purpose, our experts conduct analytics of various information:

  • championship/match features 
    • the prestige of the tournament (world, European, national);
    • opportunity to enter a major championship for the winner;
    • prize fund;
    • the danger of leaving the tournament;
    • timing of the games – do they coincide with other championships;
    • the venue of the games.
  • ● team roster
    • strong and weak flanks;
    • star players;
    • line-up substitutions – replenishment in transfer windows/player’s withdrawal from the main line-up;
    • replacement bench;
    • the coherence of the game, a feature of the players’ behavior in stressful situations;
    • injuries, and suspensions.
  • team motivation
    • position in the tournament table;
    • history of confrontation with an opponent, derby;
    • prize focus;
    • the team is in a series of wins or losses, performance in the championship;
    • what players think of the previous game.
  • coaching tactics, the strategy of the club management
    • attack features;
    • club priorities in various championships;
    • coaching authority;
    • when there are substitutions and suspensions;
    • whether the team shows flexibility in playing with different opponents or follows the same tactics.

We only use current information and adjust forecasts as information about the team, its physical condition, and motivation changes.

Our experts announce and forecast all new football matches every day. Insiders’ information, latest interviews, analysis of match results, and deals in transfer windows, statistics help them.

We study the peculiarities of the line-up announced in the match, the form of top players, their progress or regression in the championship.

In the forecasts, we not only form the game’s possible results or the tournament as a whole but also offer bookmakers the best odds and recommend the type of bet.

Do you have football specialists by the league at BSN?

We have selected football experts to give you an up-to-date and accurate forecast of the most popular leagues in Europe and Africa.

Our experts are distinguished:

  • in-depth knowledge of football rules;
  • immersion in the theme of European football, acquaintance with internal sources of necessary information;
  • narrow experts form councils on bets on Ugandan and African football;
  • a subtle approach to fans – our forecasts and betting tips are clear to all readers;
  • division by specialization – we distinguish several groups of analysts, which:
    • focus on only one league and carefully analyze only its games;
    • research bookmakers’ offers and odds on their websites;
    • generate forecasts for individual matches or the results of the entire championship;
    • researches individual betting markets – BTTS, handicaps, top three.

League experts at BSN regularly meet and discuss the results of their analysis to provide Ugandan football fans with the most accurate and timely forecasts for the Premier League or England Championship, La Liga and Serie A, the Ugandan championship, or Europa League. Our arsenal includes experts from over ten major world championships, ready to create forecasts with a high degree of detail.

How to bet on football tips

Football tips help predict the outcome of the game or championship and make a more profitable bet with good odds.

To bet on sports based on football tips, you need to choose an event and a forecast. On our website forecasts:

  • from top experts in football;
  • always up-to-date on the basis of the latest changes in the tournament table and team composition;
  • accurate on the basis of statistics and previous results.

BSN advice is free, but at the same time, take into account the interests of fans. We research various betting markets and features of betting sites, recommend bets in which our experts are 100% sure.

When you read this or that football advice, you should check it with the forecasts of other experts, as well as correlate it with your own analysis. You should not blindly trust the experts; it is important to form your own opinion and analyze the information presented in the council.

If you are sure of the result, choose a bookmaker. You can follow our recommendations or conduct your own market analysis. Keep track of the bookmaker’s national or European license, the website’s convenience, the availability of a mobile application for outdoor betting, the painting of lines, and the odds.

Most bets are available after registration and deposit of the game account. European bookmakers offer bonuses for first deposit or registration. 

After registration, choose a league in the list of sporting events. Football is usually carried out in a separate category; the leagues follow in its subitems.

When you choose a league, the site will forward you to the betting line. Here you can choose a specific match or general championship results. The match line shows the outcome and odds of the match. 

Here we again recommend you to refer to the football advice. Check the information update and the opinion of professionals about possible outcomes of the game. Relate whether the experts consider your bookmaker’s odds competitive.

By clicking on the odds of the most likely outcome, set the type of bet, fill in the electronic coupon, enter the bet amount.

Now all you have to do is wait until the game is over to see if your forecast is accurate.

What Saturday football tips do we offer?

Most football games are played on weekends, most often on Saturday. Players have time to train, and fans can gather at stadiums or by the screens. 

The top world championships always schedule important games on Saturday. Our Saturday football tips for fans from Uganda will include matches of the English Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Liga1, and other important European tournaments. 

Saturday football tips often showcase events from different leagues. Also, we do not neglect single bets and tips for in-play bets.

Our website publishes Saturday football tips on Friday or Saturday morning to give you the most up-to-date forecast on time.

What about weekend football betting tips?

The weekend is a hot time for football games and fans. European and African leagues hold matches exactly at weekends. When you are free from work and are cheering for football, it is impossible to miss a weekend football betting tips.

We strive to speed up the appearance of weekend betting tips so that every bettor can plan bets. At the same time, the board will remain relevant.

Check the forecasts on Fridays to think about the bet, amount, and type. 

In weekend forecasts, you will also find recommendations for savings bets, single and live bets. The set of markets that we cover will suit any bettor with or without experience. It is wide enough for you to find an interesting bet at the best odds.

Most Popular Football Tips Today

The most popular today are football tips about current championships, such as the leagues of Germany, France, Spain, England, and the upcoming major tournaments – Euro 2021, Europa League, Champions League.

Football fans from Uganda are in demand for advice on betting on the African Cup and the national league. 

Tips about the winners of the match and possible types of bets are popular.

Clients often apply for forecasts on Friday and Saturday to make a deal with a bookmaker for the best odds and an interesting match. Use the filters to choose the advice that is popular and sought after by other users with the highest trust rating.


Should you pay for football tips?

We believe that free football tips are the best choice for a bettor. We only offer free football tips. You can view them without risking your money for unverified classified information.

Can you make money from betting on football?

You can make money from betting on football. It is important to keep track of the markets with the best odds, interpret the statistics correctly, and choose the type of betting according to the importance of the event. 

How do you pick a winning football bet?

The choice of a winning bet, which our experts recommend or form by yourself, should be based on the team’s performance, physical and emotional form, the peculiarities of the championship, and the behavior of players on the field. Analyze all possible information that will allow you to know if the bet will win. It can be an analyst on our website, news articles, and reviews by experts, information from football federations, or club management.

How do I win a football bet every time?

It is almost impossible to win a football bet every time. Football is dynamic, and tips only recommend the best bet, but do not guarantee high winnings. Approach the choice of bets consciously, clearly limiting the game budget, plan bets, amount, and bookmaker in advance. Select only those events that you are confident in the outcome. 

When are our football tips published?

We publish our tips before every match and weekend tips on Friday night or Saturday morning. We strive to make the advice relevant, taking into account all the latest odds, based on verified sources with the latest information about the team.

Update the soccer tips page before betting and use them to win more.