2022 FIFA World Cup: predictions and free betting tips

The World Cup among professional national teams is an event that will not leave any football fan or expert indifferent.

Since 1930, when the first World Cup was played, the FIFA World Cup has gained such popularity and importance that a billion fans are constantly watching every match, and teams are fiercely fighting for the title, starting with qualifying matches.

The five World Cup seats that FIFA has booked for the African continent allow football fans from Uganda to follow the promotion of national clubs and teams from other African regions with particular interest. Also, the strongest football teams from Europe and South America will showcase spectacular matches in the fight for world domination on the pitch.

The Ugandans can not only cheer for their chosen teams. Today hundreds of bookmakers offer to bet on the winner and win money. With an accurate, realistic forecast, it is possible to make a successful bet on the FIFA World Cup. On our site, you will find free football tips, forecasts, comparison of odds on the World Cup.

2022 FIFA World Cup Qualification

FIFA has 211 football associations in different countries. All of them can take part in the qualification to qualify for the group stage of the championship. Automatically, only the owner of the cup gets a place in it. In 2022, this is Qatar, located on the Arabian Peninsula. Until 2022, this Islamic Arab country never participated in the World Cup. So far, the cup’s host country has been fiercely contested, but preparations for the championship have not stopped.

The FIFA World Cup Qualification is designed to sift out teams at inappropriate levels and reduce the number of matches during the tournament. Each region after qualifying gets a certain number of seats:

  • AFC (Asia) — 4.5;
  • AFC (Asia) — 4.5;
  • CAF (Africa) — 5;
  • CONCACAF (North and Central America and the Caribbean) — 3.5;
  • CONMEBOL (South America) — 4.5;
  • OFC (Oceania) — 0.5;
  • CAF (Africa) — 5;
  • CONMEBOL (South America) — 4.5;
  • UEFA (Europe) — 13.

 As a result, only 32 teams will play in the main round of the World Cup.

Qualification for the World Cup will start in September 2022. Previously in July, a draw will be held, which will divide the teams into groups, within which they will be held qualifying matches.

The qualification will take place in various formats:

  • a qualifying league, where the teams will have home and away matches in groups to select the best ones;
  • a knockout tournament, where the team that loses the match is eliminated.

Additionally, there are junction intercontinental matches. The team in fifth place in South America qualifying will play with the team from Asia; the team in fourth place in North America will play with the champion of the OFC Nations Cup.

With the opening of the qualifying stage, bookmakers will offer fans and bettors from Uganda to bet on the results of individual games, the best forward of the qualification, teams that have scored more points, outsiders. Bets will be accepted both in advance (ordinar, accumulators, pre-match) and directly during the matches (live).

The importance of qualification games for the teams can hardly be underestimated, so bookmakers often accompany the matches with online broadcasts. You can combine betting and watching the game.

Before betting, it is important to have a clear idea of the result with which the match will end. When you bet on the most likely outcome, the bet is potentially winning. Our free betting tips will help you predict matches. In them, the experts analyze the team’s composition, its prospects, previous results, the motivation of the players, and, of course, they predict the outcome of the match. In addition, in our tips and forecasts, you will find a list of the adequate odds from verified bookmakers.

2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers odds

Before the matches of the qualifying round have started, experts and fans are focused on predicting the overall results of the tournament — the winner, the best player, the four finalists, and more.

Already today, we can say that the ratios in qualifying games will be directly affected:

  • the declared line-up of teams — beginners, stars, substitutes, injuries;
  • coaching work in previous football seasons;
  • position of the team in the tournament tables of the international championships;
  • the motivation of the team;
  • coach’s performance in previous football seasons;
  • position of the team in the tournament tables of international championships;
  • the motivation of the team.

We take into account the same factors when forming betting tips.

Bookmakers’ analysts will carefully collect all available information to determine the coefficient reflecting the team’s ability to advance to the group stage. However, most often, the first qualification matches have rather low odds. Nobody wants to take a risk when the players have not yet shown their full potential, and the idea of the favorites is blurred.

At the moment, experts believe that teams from Brazil, England, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Argentina, and France will definitely qualify for the group stage. The teams have shown excellent results in national competitions, won international championships, and have a strong composition. Coefficients to reach the group stage of the World Cup for these teams are high.

Bookmakers will also offer the coefficients for the results of qualification matches:

  • victory / draw / defeat;
  • the victory of the home team/victory of the guests;
  • total;
  • TOTAL;
  • BTTS;
  • a score above/below 2.5 and others.

Remember, the odds of the results of qualification and matches in the qualifying round will increase and decrease based on the performances of the teams. The exact list of favorites will appear already in 2022.

Favorites FIFA World Cup

The most eventful and attentive stages of the World Cup are the group tour and the final. In these matches, the championship favorites and obvious outsiders are already clearly visible.

After the qualification by the drawing of lots 32 selected teams are distributed among 4 in 8 groups. Teams in groups hold home and away matches and collect points. Victory will bring 3 points, defeat — 0, draw — 1 point. The 16 teams that scored more points will go to the playoffs and play for the knockout until the World Cup final.

Bookmakers and analysts refer to statistics to determine the favorites. In general, the championship was more often won by Europe. Its teams have won 12 times. Teams from South America took the cup 9 times. Brazil has collected the most titles. She became the champion 5 times out of 7 championships when she reached the final. Germany was most often one of the finalists. The team made it to the finals 8 times. The current world champion is France, which won the cup in 2018.

Bookmakers’ favorites today are England, Germany, France, and Brazil. As the teams compete during the championship, the odds for their victory and the experts’ forecasts will be adjusted and supplemented.

Favorites are defined not only among the teams, but also specific players. Analysts have already wondered who will be the best scorer, player, World Cup goalkeeper. New football stars are tirelessly compared with veterans of the game, such as Ronaldo and Messi, for whom the 2022 championship may be the last one.

Footballers will have plenty of opportunities to show whether they can compete with world stars. Group and final round matches will undoubtedly determine the exact odds of World Cup winners and the best players.

To understand the odds of bookmakers more clearly, use our forecasts and football tips. We compare the bookmaker odds and recommend only verified and balanced odds.

Latest FIFA World Cup odds

Before the World Cup starts, bookmakers are still arguing about coefficients. Slight differences in scores remain, but the average FIFA World Cup odds can result.

Thus, the odds for the winner put Brazil and France — Brazil — 7.00, France — 8.00 in favorites. So far, Spain, England, and Germany have the same coefficients — 9.50. Slightly fewer chances have Argentina — 12.00, Belgium — 13.00, Netherlands — 15.00, Portugal — 17.00 and Italy — 19.00.

France is unlikely to want to part with the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Antoine Grizmann, Paul Pogba, and Killian Mbappe strengthen the team significantly. In addition, the team will receive an acceleration for the victory in the Euro 2021.

The dynamic composition of the Brazilian national team, which provided the team with the America’s Cup in 2019 — Alisson, Richard Allison, Philip Coutinho, Vinicio Jr., and Gabriel Martinelli — will clearly show quality and active in terms of attacks football.

Germany and Spain, which failed in 2018, will seek to regain their leadership position. Both teams have renewed and strengthened their squad and formed a well-coordinated game of players who showed themselves in national and international tournaments.

Argentina, led by Lionel Messi, has long been fighting for the title of world champion. The team is famous for such players as Lautaro Martinez, Paulo Dybala, and Giovani Lo Cels, who will fight to the last in the upcoming championship.

Belgium and the Netherlands have already broken through the negative forecasts of analysts. The teams have made it to the finals and semifinals of international championships against all expectations. Therefore, the experts’ opinions are ambiguous, but many believe that the chances of these teams are quite high.

Much can change before the teams reach 1/16 of the World Cup. Ratios will rise or fall, so think very clearly about the possibility of the anticipated result.

Do not disregard your forecasts and your own analytics before betting.

Be sure to analyze both teams involved in the match. Use all possible sources of information if you are sure of their truthfulness.

Compare odds at the FIFA World Cup and services of different bookmakers. Pay attention to their license. It can be a Ugandan license, a Malta license, a Gibraltar license, or a Curacao license. It is important that the license details are published on the bookmaker’s official website. This way, you will secure your deposits and be sure to pay your winnings.

2022 FIFA World Cup FAQ

Where is the 2022 FIFA World Cup being played?

In 2022, FIFA World Cup will host Qatar, the state of the Arabian Peninsula. Qatar has already built new modern stadiums, infrastructure and is ready to receive millions of fans from all over the world.

How many teams are playing at the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

All 211 FIFA member football associations can participate in the qualification — the first selection of teams. As a result of the selection, 32 teams will go on to the group tour. Half of them — 16 — will go to the playoffs.

When is the 2022 FIFA World Cup being played?

In many countries, qualifying matches for the FIFA World Cup have already started, some regions postponed their qualification because of the difficult world situation. According to preliminary forecasts, the group stage will begin on November 21, 2022.

When is the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final?

The two finalists will play the decisive match for the cup on December 18, 2022. The date may be postponed.